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Spirituality is a broad concept in which you can find many perspectives. In general, it has a feeling of being related to something greater than ours, and this is usually a matter of looking for a life. As such, it is a universal human experience – it touches all of us. People can describe the spiritual experience as sacred or transcendental or simply as a deep sense of nutrition and communication.




Some believe that their spiritual life is closely related to their relationship with the church, temple, mosque or synagogue. Others may pray or calmly maintain a personal relationship with God or greater power. Still others try to attribute nature or art through their relationships. As a goal, your personal definition of spirituality can change your whole life and adapt to your own experiences and relationships.

Types of spiritual :



We can live in poor nutrition for at least some time. But fatty food is not healthy food. Fast food is nice. Over time, we will pay the price for your dietary choices. We have worse health. When we keep the inner soul pleasant, but not healthy things, we become worse over time.

Religious spirituality:

There are three types of spirituality. There is religious spirituality. Many of us know that. It’s about being bigger than you, church and prayer. Some people try to be in the church as spiritual masters. Other people value their spirituality in the Religious Book. No matter where and how they find their spirituality. For many, their religious beliefs are their spiritual life. They are inseparable.

Lack of religious spirituality:

The second kind of spirituality is not religious spirituality. This is something positive. It gives a sense of peace. Non-religious spiritual activities often mean doing something or doing something with your own hands. This act gives a sense of satisfaction. NCIS enthusiasts can remember this scene. Agent Gibbs goes to his basement to judge the disturbing crime. He works quietly, carefully rubbing his hands. The message is simple. The act of creating something gave birth to his soul. The destruction he saw his sense of peace. Creating something nice back to your inner peace. His mind is healthy again. Making the boat fit the purpose of your life. This is not an example of religious spirituality.

Toxic spirituality

The third type of spirituality is poison or pseudo-spirituality. This usually means the action or use of a substance. Initially, it gives a good sense of hurry. Too many drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating and the like are violent or very sensual. Even if we practice too much, at the beginning we can feel good.

The action is often repeated to return so well. It is natural to look for things that make us feel good. People want to believe that their lives make sense. The problem arises when such activities determine our lives. The action becomes important to us.

When we see these different types of spirituality, we can choose. I doubt if each of us chooses a spirituality that kills. That’s what toxins do. Kill toxins We choose a spirituality that leads to life and life. Religious and non-religious spirituality encourages growth and life. Toxic spirit leads to death. Unfortunately, the choice is not always easy. The task is simple, but the key is to choose your life!

Mystical spirituality:

Based on the desire to go beyond the material world, for the senses, the ego, and even out of time. This approach concerns personal relationships and a sense of oneness with everything.


Authoritarian spirituality:

Is a particularly powerful form of spirituality based on the need for definitions and rules. This spirituality is especially a custom in some religious practices.

Intellectual spirituality:

Focuses on developing knowledge about knowledge and spirituality through the analysis of history and spiritual theories. This attitude consists in studying religion, also called theology.

The spirituality of services is a common form of spirituality in many religious beliefs. The point is to serve others as a form of spiritual expression.

Social spirituality:

Often practiced by people who have experienced spiritual feelings in the company of other people. Social support is often considered one of the most important aspects of spirituality in general.

Health benefits of spirituality:

There is no definition of spirituality, and in practice, it is not. Spirituality for different people means different things, and even these meanings can change over time.

Some experts describe spirituality as a belief in something greater than themselves, but despite the definition or method of practice (eg, meditation, prayer or yoga), spirituality has great health benefits. Studies show that spirituality and prayer are beneficial to mental health, physical health, and even the years that you can add to your life.

Source of stress:

Stress can lead to several things: divorce, job loss, work, and everyday stress. Some stresses are normal, but excessive stress can be weakened. Spirituality is a productive way to reduce stress and focus your energy on something positive.



Studies have shown that stress reduction resulting from attention-dependent, meditative, positive results in reducing stress in patients and healthy patients. Do you think it’s a bit complicated? Finding a quiet place and thinking for a few moments – probably everything you ask for is simply calm enough.

Reduce your depression:

Depression, a mood disorder that causes a longer sense of sadness, guilt, and hopelessness, can disrupt everyday life. Depression can be treated with medication and conversational therapy. However, some studies suggest that spirituality, namely meditation, thinking, and yoga, can also alleviate the effects of depression.

Meditation can be practiced in many ways, but there is evidence that meditation is due to the form, meditation, thinking based on consciousness and the recognition of the present moment. Yoga, a series of movements and breathing exercises that promote rest and mobility, can also reduce the symptoms of depression.

Live longer:

Studies show that people who attend religious services or do religious activities have less mortality than those who do not. A study of 74 534 women said that at least once a week, 33% of respondents were found at service providers. Lower mortality risk, the especially lower risk of death due to cardiovascular and cancer causes.

Another, who examined 3,851 older people in health and religious practices, said that those involved in private religious activities, such as prayer, meditation or Bible study, could live longer than those who did not.

Low blood pressure:

Some studies show that more religious or spiritual people have lower blood pressure than people who do not. High blood pressure and stress are interrelated. Hormonal stress increases heart rate and narrowing of blood vessels, leading to increased blood pressure. Reduced stress through spiritual exercise can lower blood pressure.

Improve social relationships:

Relations and social relations are more important to our health than we think. Few social relationships can be attributed to the increased risk of diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases, but spirituality can be the answer.

The online analysis published by Online Dance Cancer, which assessed all published research on cancer and spirituality, suggests that people with stronger religious and spiritual relationships will probably maintain relationships through their illness.

Practices of Spiritual:


This is the mystical forgiveness and trust that comes to you when you lead a prayer life. A prayer is a powerful tool that humanity refers to divinity. Prayer takes you from physical to spiritual, where you can feel and feel things that will make you happy. If you are only in this physical, material world, you can not be happy in any way. This is because everything is short-lived in the physical realm. If you have money today and you think it is a source of happiness for you, you just have to pray that there is no recession in the economy or that the thief can not steal. However, when you enter into daily prayer every day, you will receive a new life force every day, regardless of the circumstances with which you meet, your inner being who is spiritual. They provide convenience, heal and support you. Then you can tell Apostle Paul: “We are concerned about everything but do not worry, we are confused, but not desperately.

Spiritual meditation:



Permanent spiritual meditation is another effective exercise that can bring happiness. Recall that meditation really must be spiritual until it is effective. The question that you can ask is: “What is spiritual meditation?” Spiritual meditation is a human effort to heal divine things. In other words, it means a human effort to deepen understanding of things of eternal significance.

Listen to good music:

Music, good music is very therapeutic. Treatment takes place while singing songs. A habit of singing every day and listening to spiritual songs, especially hymns. Melody and words go straight to the heart to spoil every demon whose hearts they want to fill with sadness. King Saul, who was always sad in the Bible, used this tradition. When the evil spirit injured him, he usually brought him to David with a talented musician. Every time David plays and sings, the demon has no choice but to leave the king.

Remember in the Holy Bible:

Take lessons to keep as many scriptures as possible. If life encounters problems that you want to wash away from your joy, these writings will appear, and the mourning temptation will disappear. You can start with a poem. Create beautiful God’s promises in His Word and practice them for yourself. Continue this spiritual exercise and see how the image of your life changes. No one complains that you are sad because God is still responding to your confusion.

 Reading spiritual books:

Take books about happiness and spirituality and read them. So many people live a life devoid of illusions, partly because of their ignorance. In the Scriptures, God has blessed some people with ideas that you can share in order to remain happy. Make a habit of reading your work. You took a good step in the right direction by reading our daily publications Panda Gossips. You can always look for more spiritual motives that can broaden your horizons. Every time you read something, it’s happening in your head. It is expanded and expanded to better understand what happiness also means. Self-help can help fight stress. Make a habit of continuous reading of spiritual books.

Note Daily rest period:

Your quiet time concerns peace and quiet in a place where you have nothing to worry about. You need time to think about events in your environment. You can be so busy with the everyday activities that you are tired. At this point, you have the opportunity to choose the time and see what you need to improve. If you have a problem with which you have fought for a long time, you can find a way out of all peaceful moments. If you practice peace every day, it’s a habit and you know what? Good luck will be for you, no strange phenomenon.

Promote others:

You see, you are not alone in the biggest problems of life. Each person has thorns in his body. There is something that someone needs a brother or sister. Be it, brothers or sisters. Forget about your challenges and the habit of constantly talking about it with others. When you expand this act of goodness, you will understand how happy you are. Happiness is contagious and it is a great source of happiness when other people are happy because of innocent effort.

Regularly listen to spiritual messages:

It is a special blessing to listen to the Word of God every day. Always send spiritual messages to your phone and listen to them all the time. What you hear is really related to the state of your mind. So one way to create your own thoughts is to protect things that are happening in them. If your practice is to express your thoughts with strong approvals from the people of God, your happiness will be unlimited.

Conclusion :


Happiness is a choice, not a desire. Of course, if you do not want to be happy, there are a few things on earth that are annoying. Fortunately, he has a plan for everyone who wants to enjoy happiness. If you start practicing spiritual practices that are commonly used in this work, you will notice that you really do not worry about anything. You will start working in a supranational kingdom that transcends the earthly conditions you are going to.


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