Horse racing

Horses Racing and It’s Importance

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Horse racing:


Horse racing


Horses are trained and driven for practical purposes, such as controlling or fighting breeding animals in a herd. They are also used in sports, including dressage, eventing, endurance, eventing, jumping, tent levels, vault, polo, horse racing, riding and Rodeo (see additional Turf later in this article), examples). Some popular forms of competition are played at horse events where horses compete in different disciplines. Horses (and other horses, such as mules) are used for recreational sports, such as horse hunting, horse riding or hacking. In almost all parts of the world, a public riding route is available. Many parks, farms and public shelves offer both managed and independent rides. Horses are also used for therapeutic purposes as well as specialized competition with horses, how to improve the health of people and the emotional development of non-competitive driving.

History of horses racing:

Horse racing is an old sport. The beginnings are about 4500 m. Pr Nomad tribes in Central Asia (for the first time a horse was born). Since then, horse racing flourished as a royal sport. Horse racing is one of the few types of gambling that is legal in most countries, including the United States.


Horse riding is one of the most popular sports events in America. In 1989, over 50 million people participated in 8,000 race days and spent over $ 9 billion. Horse riding is a popular sport in Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, the Middle East, South America and Australia.

In the United States, the most popular race is purebred horses running flat between 3/4 mile and 1 1/4 mile. Quarter horses are as popular as armor races.

Types of horse racing:

 Flat competition:

Are horse races held on a flat race track? Yes (4 miles) went at a certain distance in 2 stages (402 m), 4.828 m, and the speed or endurance or both tests and the ability of riders comes from his ability to control the horse. Keep or require that horses do not have to jump over obstacles on obstacles that are needed for obstacles or obstacles. It differs from the race when horses pull a narrower and more portable belt. Although flat races in many countries are the most common form of horse racing, it is used in the UK and Ireland to describe the racing season, which will be traditionally held in winter after the race.

In the world of flat racing, a wide range of horse breeds is used, the main part of which is all the blood. The race is on the right horses. The most widespread in the world are natural meadows called “peat”. The most common surface in North America is the blocked mud surface, based on sand and local soils. Most Winter apartment race in the UK and in other parts of the world will be on synthetic surfaces or in the air, in general, and from synthetic fibers and/or rubber, which is often covered with wax or similar material mixture.

Jumping race:

In the United Kingdom, France, and Ireland horse racing, National Hunt Racing requires fences and ditches to get through the horses. National Hunt races in the UK informally known as “jumps” and is divided into two main areas: barriers and obstacles in the race. In addition, there are also “bumpers”, meaning National Hunt Flat Races. In the obstacle race, horses dance through obstacles called crowds. In the obstacle race, horses jump over various obstacles, such as simple fences, dives or open ditches. [1] In the United Kingdom, the Grand National Aintree and Cheltenham Gold Cup are widely recognized as the most important national hunting events per year.

Long race:

The third main type of horse racing is the endurance race, during which the horses travel long distances or at least for a long time.

In contrast to many popular competitions in flat and extended jumps, race tracks endurance and life. The speed here is not so important to players because it focuses on horses that have the ability to consistently produce and are not limited to larger orders.

This is not popular in the style of horse racing, because it can take much longer and is not necessarily perfect for horses and joc

Quarter Horse Racing:

Not a very popular form of horse racing is the fourth horse race, with particular emphasis on speed. Quarter Horse Racing is a quarter of a mile or less, which requires faster horse racing and winning very short distances.

These horse races can be interesting in terms of speed and talent, but they last for a very long time.

virginal races:

There are two ways to demonstrate horse racing. One of them is the actual course, obstacles and distance defeated by the competition.

Another is the horse allowed in the race and what is the fight. This horse racing department is more interested in completing horse racing.

So a women’s race is not necessarily limited to horse races but points to the horses that still have to win the race. Horses remain a woman until they get the first victory, giving way to races specially designed for horses that do not have them.

A horse, blessed with a race of girls, is not very impressive, but it ensures that it runs in the right direction. When races take part in any race without victories, a girl’s race can be extremely difficult to measure.

A great strategy is to follow the race of previous girls and check which horses are winning limits (ending the first three) or for a solid start/finish.

Racing inlay:

When the horse is successful, it will be able to ride. This is the highest level of horse racing and usually, it is a large prize money.

The best owners, coaches, jockeys, and horse races are taking part in this race, this is the first big step in some of the biggest horse races.

Every horse that ever has important events usually has to act alone. The average horse participates in at least several races. These races are generally flat (especially in North America) and are often well known on racetracks.

There are low-level races and events at higher levels that can be used by horses to achieve important events such as the Kentucky Derby.

Relay race:

The last type of horse racing is the number of racing points in which the number of races (I, II or III) is calculated, which indicates the highest power and quality of the field.

These classified sticks can serve as examples of owners, coaches, jockeys, and horses, and the horse racing community can judge whether a horse is good, depending on how it competes and finishes.

Ramp events can have different lengths and paths and can be a big step toward important events. These races are also big money and can be registered as great achievements or places for horses.

Different types of horses :

 whole blood:


The horses are known as great players. They are so popular and successful that the world’s largest racing shows are clean. Sometimes it is called racial animals, but there is a difference. Pure breed means that the horse comes from parents of the same race. The network is an independent race.


Arabian horses have been recognized because they are an appropriate horse for managing race circuits. It is not unusual for pure-blood breeds and many other races to have Arabic blood in their history. The races that they can do are persistent races.

American crossbows

Because there are different types of races, sometimes they are better suited to a particular race. Suspension competition is an interesting event and it is believed that the most suitable horse is a standard race. The standard column in history there are many other types of races, such as Hackney and Morgan each, but only a few of them.

Quarter horses:

Although these horses are known for their strength and endurance, they also have a certain race. It’s a quarter mile race that fits his name. Quarter Horse has an amazing ability to drive vehicles over short distances.

With so many different breeds, it is logical that the requirements for horses during the competition are unique to each event.

 Tennessee Walker:

Tennessee Walker is a horse farm that was founded in the 18th century in southern farms and plantations of the United States.

Smooth corridors, as well as four-stroke course, facilitates long distances in progress, so there were many Civil War generals favorite.

In fact, Robert E. Lee Mountain, the Traveler, is considered a trip to Tennessee. Today’s hiking trails in Tennessee are used for both horse riding and horse riding.


The Morgan horse is compact, bold and pleasant, known for its versatility. One of the oldest breeds created in the USA, all the Morgans return to their ancestors.

They are small but large in the heart. Today, they are used as horseback riding and horse riding and are rewarded with western and saddle seats. Morgan Horse is also an animal of the state of Vermont.


An American horse painting is a unique western horse-farming conformational properties combination and pinto colors.

Although some people think that color is a variety of colors, the American horse painting Association believes that this is a real change, because the color has a strong bloodline and unique features of the breed.

Like the Quarter Horses, they are great in many western disciplines and are often used as hijackers.


“Appaloosa” was created by the Indian tribe “Nez Perce” in the Pacific Northwest and are best known for their colorful pattern hair.

They are solid, independent, durable and safe, with large bodies and a few mules and tails. Appaloosa is often used as farm animals and horses, as well as large breeding horses.


Benefits of Horse Riding:


The horse improves balance and improves coordination and skills. Other benefits include muscle strengthening, acceleration reflexes, preventing muscle spasms, increasing joint mobility, strengthening the cardiovascular system, improving blood circulation, promoting emotional integration, visual perception of improving space, responsibility, patience, and, building trust

When walking with a horse, internal organs are stimulated while walking. Helps in the liver and digestion. 10.5 women from stone burn 5 calories per minute. Increasing your speed and length will increase the intensity of your workout and increase the number of calories.


At the beginning it can be difficult to learn, stay and control a horse. If it’s simple, there are more learning opportunities. If you continue and keep horses, you will always have questions and problems. Even the most experienced driver would admit that learning is always something new. Research has shown that lifelong learning can prevent memory loss. Like muscles, you need to teach the brain to be young and flexible.


For many, the horse is connected to nature, arena or paths. Many people find comfort and convenience while working with a horse. While driving can be frustrating and difficult, most people find it relaxing for entertainment. It is also attractive to communicate with people who like similar activities. Have fun with your friends during lessons, walks or horse riding in the area.

If you are looking for loneliness, you can also ride. Many horse owners think that their horse is a person of a similar nature who is in harmony with their feelings and emotions. more than any other human being. In a stressful period, the horse can be a calm friend who is out of court.

 Muscle tone:

In the cortex, it works well in the muscles of the back, thighs, and pelvis.

First of all, sports are interested in maintaining a good position and adapting to horse races to keep the balance between you and your horse.

Mental state:

Although all this is happening at the same time, it is very important that the brain focuses on the tasks.

It is also believed that physical activity and time with animals increase the amount of serotonin in the mood-enhancing hormone and are therefore suitable for the body, brain, and emotions.



People wanted to know for a long time whether the horse or horse is the fastest and the races had old roots. It seems that the toy racing game goes hand in hand with the race and has a long history. Horse racing is improving our speed,muscle power, fast brain power etc..we are tried to a care of horse.

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